The Importance of Oils

The Importance of Oils

Guest Post by Tracy Bush Nutrimom – Food Allergy Liason


Fourteen years ago, my life changed. I gave birth to my amazing son and he brought a new view on life to me forever. I was amazed at how much I could love a person I had never even met before and how much his pain was instantly my pain. Mommy’s boy, my soul, my being and when something is just not right, you know it. Regardless of parental advice from here, there and everywhere- when your child cries uncontrollably, when he won’t sleep for months on end, when everything that he drinks gives him stomach cramps, you know there is more going on than “babies cry”.

This is how food allergies entered our lives. This is how I learned that not all babies cry and it’s not normal. This is how I learned that this little tiny person would somehow give me endless amounts of energy when I truly needed it. And this is how I learned that every single food is important, always.

So, Why Oils?


I had the a twist of fate when my son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. I had gone to the allergy specialist and I left, horrified and alone. They gave me a prescription but what they did not give me was guidance, support and information on the foods that would nourish my child safely. Thankfully, the doctor that I worked for did guide me along. To this day, I am grateful to her and share her information with anyone and everyone that can use it.

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Oils can be used in so many different aspects of our diets. With food allergies, there are not only certain foods that are avoided but other things that are affected because of the lack of these foods. Supplementing our diets is crucial, especially with the development of our children’s fragile systems. Food allergies means every item must be checked and rechecked and when I find a product that is also pure, it’s a bonus. This is why I fell in love with Winona Pure Oils. Let me share why-


  • OmegasOmegas are a huge benefit to anyone’s diet, not just those with food allergies. Utilizing the correct, healthy fats improves multiple functions within everyone’s body and this is easily done with Winona Pure Oils. Studies have shown that having a variety of different oils rather than sticking to just one primary oil will help keep the correct balance to achieve optimal health. Remember the saying “Too much of a good thing”- so true! Luckily, Winona Pure has five different oils so you can take full advantage of the mixing and matching.
  • Satiety- As I have already shared, my son eats. A lot. All of the time. Since he is a growing boy, I supplement his meals with a variety of Winona Pure Oils. Why? When a person eats a meal and it’s largely based on starch or empty calories, they will most likely be hungry very soon afterwards coupled with the possibility of nutritional deficiencies due to a lack of what is needed in their diet. When you use different oils to cook with, to add-into meals, to pair up with specific foods, then the body readjusts and a person begins to feel satisfied. Satiety is the state of feeling full, satisfied, well fed. The trick is to use them every single day with every single meal.
  • Purity- The fact that Winona Pure Oils contain only oil is a lifesaver, literally. I don’t have to worry about other additives, chemicals, propellants- blah! I never understood why some other companies feel the need to include those ingredients with their oils. Consumers want to find an oil to use- not additional, unnecessary ingredients. Winona Pure Oil listened to what consumers were asking for and they delivered. Plus, as a food allergy mother, having a line of non-GMO oils is an even bigger bonus for our family.

Our Family Loves Winona Pure Oil & You Will Too!


Just as Winona Pure Oil says “Be good to your body. Be good to your earth.”, I feel  it’s also important to “Be good to your kitchen. Be good to your family.” Having food allergies also means having the right kitchen staples, having healthy products and being time and budget- aware as well. Easy ways to accomplish this are:

  • Always keep a variety of oils on-hand. Winona Pure Oil offers five different oils- Olive, Popcorn Butter, Coconut, Canola and Sunflower.
  • Buy one, get one- I always like to keep two of each at all times- nothing is worse than running out of oil in the middle of cooking.
  • Coupons – Helps stock your kitchen with more products and Winona Pure Oil has a printable coupon ready and waiting for you right here.

Throughout my son’s allergy journey, I have learned that food should never be the source of resentment or fear- it should be enjoyable, healthy and convenient as much as possible. From his earliest years as a colicky baby, through toddlerhood and now myself sharing my personal recipes with others, I can say that our journey is one that I am grateful to share each and every day. I invite you to view my website at AllergyPhoods and media links to find out which allergy-friendly recipes you can start making in your kitchen with Winona Pure Oil today.


Self-professed “Kitchen Geek”, my website and media pages are a mixture of product reviews, recipes and advice mixed with a tinge of humor. I write, I cook and I laugh and I aim to make everyone else do the same.