Purify Your Life

Our Winona Pure Oils use exclusive technology to eliminate chemical propellants, artificial additives, and chemicals such as alcohol, silicone and soy. Our oils are 100% pure, 100% of the time! Unlike leading non-stick sprays, we use 100% real oil that can be directly applied to your food without compromising your body or health.

Winona Pure is committed to the environment and cutting down on waste. We use 50% post-consumer aluminum that is 100% recyclable. Other oils come in bottles where you have to pour it onto your food, causing waste of product due to the dumping technique. Winona Pure Oils can be sprayed, streamed, or dripped and there is NO waste involved.

When using conventional oils in bottles, it is hard to measure your pouring portions, essentially wasting product. With the help of Winona Pure’s convenient, non-clogging spray bottle you have full control of your oil application. Winona Pure Oils can be sprayed, streamed or dripped and there is no waste involved.