In The Kitchen – Team Edition

From the various kitchen’s of the Winona Pure team – Here are some homemade, Winona-Purify’d plates we hope you’ll try for yourself!

First, we have a grilled halibut showcasing Winona Pure Coconut Oil:

team5Flat-breads and Popcorn – tasty snacks made even tastier with Winona Pure Oils – we suggest spritzing the flat-breads with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray, or maybe a little Coconut Spray, and the Popcorn Butter Spray of course with your bowl of ‘corn will have you thinking you’re at the movie theater!

team6This one is fun – CRUSHED potatoes with Winona Pure Non-GMO Canola Oil. Just boil some baby red potatoes, use 2 small kitchen plates and a cloth to wrap and crush the potatoes so they’re flat. Season the potatoes then convention bake them in your oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes, or until golden brown – serve and enjoy!


This is a classic, easy way to give asparagus a little more zest – Clean and rinse your veggies, spritz them with Winona Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil, season them with whatever spices and garnishes you love and put them in the oven, pan or on the grill! Here we used season salt and finished off with a little Parmesan Cheese!


Last but not least, mini waffles with Winona Pure Canola Oil Spray – any Winona Pure spray will work here, we chose Canola, in order not to mask any flavors – but a light spritz on the griddle and your waffles have been purified with a nice crisp!



Want more recipes? Tell use what you’d like to see in the comments below!